Pullout Garage's are a unique bespoke non-contact cover that is custom made to your chosen size, with heights starting from 1.0 meters up to 3.2 meters and a length from 4 meters up to 8 meters.

Standard width is 2.4 meters external but you can opt for a custom width from 1.8 meters up to 3.0 meters.

Also we offer a number of colours to choose from including an option for water resistant breathable material.

Pullout garage do exactly as the name suggests, when its not in use the garage is retracted to around 1 meter (depending on your chosen length).

You simply position your vehicle in front and pull the structure out over.

Pullout Garage is a metal framed construction which runs on a low profile track, the track is designed to hold the frame in place to stop any movement from either minor side impact or to adverse weather.

Being low profile the track is tyre friendly which allows you to maneuver over it in tight spaces. You can either fix the whole track down on to your surface or for extra support use the supplied wheel plates which overlap the track,* simply drive onto them and the weight of your vehicle holds it all down.

If you wish to park different vehicles we offer a double length wheel plate. this needs to be added to your basket when ordering.

The fabric cover is 100% waterproof with full length side vents to allow airflow. We also offer breathable fabric with excellent water resistances which is used in the marine industry. 

The Pullout Garage comes with a roll up panel door to the front and benefits from large industrial zips which can be secured when closed with a padlock, but we offer the choice to have a rear opening panel door to the rear. customers normally opt for this if wish to place the structure infront of their garage or a access gate.

Pullout Garage's are designed to fit into a UK car parking space of 2.4 meters wide.

We also offer a fitting service for this product in the UK mainland, you can add this service at checkout.

*Please note you have to fix down the track at the securing point to the front to allow the frame to lock taught into place when deployed.